Back in the Spring of 2018 RoadDave and Scrim wanted to try something new on the water.  We’ve been up and down the Rideau system over several years on various boats, usually with our spouses, too much rum and much too much good food.  The Rideau Canal, being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is simply magnificent, there are no other words for it.

Scrim was the original source of the idea “Why don’t we do a narrowboat in the UK?”  After some back and forth over costs, logistics, time off work and the other 42 thousand items of administrivia, we decided on this trip.  Ten days on a narrowboat in the UK, crossing back and forth from England to Wales, covering another UNESCO World Heritage site, the Llangollen Canal.

The most common statement we’ve received is “The four of you will have a wonderful time”  We are required to correct them.  The spousal units are not coming.  Their collective reactions have been “Ewwww, it’s only 6 feet wide, how the hell are we all going to fit on THAT!”  It doesn’t seem to matter that the boat is 47 feet long and comfortably sleeps five with all modern conveniences, there doesn’t seem to be enough canal-side day spas to satisfy our partners in life.

So it will be Scrim and I, boating at a leisurely pace between villages and pubs in the UK.   Both of us being technology nerds of the first order, this WordPress site will document the sights, sounds and experiences of our trip with words, stills and video all along the way.